Finally, An All In One Meal Program Where You Have All Your Meals Prepped So You Can Burn More Fat And Get Lean WITHOUT spending hours in the kitchen. 
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No More Guesswork When It Comes What To Eat...
Focus on what matters and finally get the results you deserve with food that you'll actually enjoy. The BODY TONER is available online with in store pick up. Pick up is at our Norwalk, CA location. Pre Order Now to taste a new & easy way to get healthy Meals... 
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Body Tonor Program 
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Here is what you get with The Body Toner Program
  • 15 Meals/week 5 Breakfast, 5 Lunch, 5 Dinner
  • Accountability Program accountability from our staff
  • weigh-ins Weekly weigh-ins to ensure you are on track.
  • Meals for you Meals that you will actually like and fit your calories to lose weight and burn fat.
  • Twice a week Pick up No more stale old food from a week old meal prep. Get your meals fresh.
  • Questionnaire  This is so we can know you and your taste buds a bit more. It is not a one size fits all meal program. You will tell us what you like and don't like and we go from there...
  • ...And A lot more!
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