Step 2: Choose Meals & Checkout
Variety to Choose From Below.
Step 3: Enjoy
Enjoy our Top Selling Meals Found In Our "Grab N Go' Section
Oatmeal Pancakes
 High Protein Turkey Chili 
Stuffed Chicken Enchiladas
Lean Turkey Burger
 Frequently Asked Questions:
How much is Grab N Go?
A. Grab N Go Prices Vary between $8.00-$10.00 Depending on the category you select your meal from.
What Kind of Meals are in the Grab N Go?
We Carry Breakfast, Lunch , and Dinner Meals
What do the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Meals consist of?
We Like to maintain variety in our meal Selection. However we have some staples in our Grab N Go that are always available.
What are the Grab N GO staple meals?
Chicken Enchiladas, Turkey Chili, Turkey Burgers, and Oatmeal Pancakes
How Often are the Grab N Go’s Restocked?
We usually Restock on Tuesdays and Thursdays or as much needed.
How Long do Grab N Go Meals last?
“Best By” dates are labeled on all GRAB N GO Meals.
Can I freeze them?
Our Meals are freezer friendly. 
Can I reserve grab n go items?
Yes you can call in your order ask what we have in the Grab N go and pay via Phone. We will have your meals ready to pick up in store.
Do you offer vegetarian meal plans? 
At the moment we do not offer vegetarian meal plans we currently offering our soyrizo bowl in the Grab N Go Section. 
Do you have keto friendly meals plans?
We currently do not have any Keto Meal Plans, most of our dinners are low carb from the Grab N Go.
How many calories do each meal prep contain?
Our meal preps run through about 300-400 calories each.
How much protein and carbs do each prep contain
Our lunch contains 4 oz. of protein and 3 oz. of complex carbs and 2 oz. of simple carbs. Our dinner contains 4 oz of protein and 2 oz. of complex carbs. 
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